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Dedicated to the Franco-American friendship and the preservation of beauty, culture and the arts.

It is an irony that a place whose existence owes so much to poetry and artistry is now almost indefinable by either. Versailles is an opus that transcends the vocabulary, perhaps even the imagination of its creators. It exists as an unparalleled and final statement that is likely never to be repeated.

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Pictured:  Alicia Bryan, President of the American Friends of Versailles, with her children Eloise Haynes and J.P. Haynes at the Grand Trianon for AFV's 25th Anniversary celebration in June 2023. 

The American Friends of Versailles (AFV) is a 501(c)3 charitable corporation for improving and promoting a positive American-French relationship. AFV serves as a sister organization to the long established Les Amis de Versailles. The express purpose of the corporation is to encourage support of the Palace of Versailles and its gardens. AFV raises funds for seminars, educational exchanges, and specific restoration projects within the Palace and its magnificent park.


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Please consider a donation to the American Friends of Versailles to help preserve the history and beauty of Versailles for future generations.  

Un Grand Merci to our Gala Event Ambassador, Dr. Susan E. Kendall. 
Thank you ever so much for your tremendous support!
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