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Princesse Beatrice de Bourbon des Deux S

Her Royal Highness, Princess Beatrice of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Grand Prefect of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George, has magnanimously arranged “over the top” benefit trips for the American Friends of Versailles.  She is a direct descendant of the Bourbon Kings and Queens who reigned throughout Europe and had a tremendous influence globally. She has shared her passion for the fascinating places that AFV has been so fortunate to visit with her. These incredible benefit trips include to Vienna and Prague 2021, the Marche Region of Italy 2019, Portugal 2017, Sicily 2016, Florence, Lucca and Venice 2015, Madrid and Seville Spain 2014, the French Riviera and Monaco 2012, Rome, Naples and Capri Italy 2011. Our sincerest appreciation to Her Royal Highness! AFV is extremely honored that she is a member of the distinguished French Board of Directors, and is forever grateful to her.

 Photographs from the benefit trip to the Marche region of Italy are featured below.
Please email to request future invitations.

Catharine Hamilton with Claire Dwoskin i
Visiting Villa Buonaccorsi
Dinner in Villa Clarice
Marche region AFV benefit trip
Owner of private Palazzo Isolani
Marche region AFV benefit trip 2019
American Friends of Versailles in Urbino
Villa Imperiale near Pesaro
American Friends of Versailles benefit t
Dinner in Bologna
Proprietor of Villa Clarice
Phyllis Taylor and Shelby Davlin
Princess Giulia Panichi Pignatelli
Urbino AFV benefit trip
Gale Arnold and Marjorie Vickers
lunch at Borgo Seghetti Panichi
Francis Hammond photographer
Michele Fouan in the Teatro dell'Aquila.
Marquis Giuseppe Ferrajoli in center
AFV dinner in Rome

Didier Wirth has shared his expertise on gardens with the American Friends of Versailles.  He is a notable, accomplished business entrepreneur, world garden authority and also an acclaimed, sought after lecturer. He created the “Union des Parcs et Jardins de Basse-Normandie”. He then became Président of the Comité des Parcs et Jardins de France, which serves to preserve and promote remarkable French gardens. He is the proprietor of Château de Brécy, a seventeenth century château in Normandy with an admirable, meticulously recreated and restored, formal garden, ornamented with sculpted elements, both in stone and in hedges, on four terraces that seem to rise to the sky. The perfect harmony of a garden à la française, where symmetry, order, and total beauty reign. The American Friends of Versailles is deeply grateful for the volunteer service both he and his late wife, Barbara, have done on the French Board of Directors.

Monsieur Didier Wirth.jpg
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NY Social Diary part 2. Vienna thumbnail.png
NY Social Diary Article.png
NY Social Diary article 2017.png

Youtube video from AFV’s 2022 benefit trip to the Italian Lakes Region, of photos beautifully taken by Francis Hammond. 

Youtube video from AFV’s 2021 benefit trip to Vienna and Prague, of photos beautifully taken by Francis Hammond. 

Youtube video from AFV’s 2019 benefit trip to the Marche Region of Italy, of photos beautifully taken by Francis Hammond. 

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