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Please remember the American Friends of Versailles (AFV) in your estate planning and help us continue the mission of restoration, international volunteerism, friendship and education. Donations of any size are always greatly appreciated. AFV welcomes your planned gift in the form of a bequest or life insurance policy.  
Your gift may benefit from estate tax exemption - please consult your lawyer or notary.  The American Friends of Versailles is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization and its Employer Identification Number is 36-4237214.  
Bequests: The American Friends of Versailles gratefully accepts: • Financial gifts in specified amounts • Specific gifts of property, real estate, or other assets • All of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations. 
You may make an unrestricted bequest or specify that it is to be used for a specific project, acquisition, or area.

To include the American Friends of Versailles in your will, you must include the full address:

The American Friends of Versailles, 1400 North Lake Shore Drive, Suite 8E, Chicago, Illinois 60610 USA

If you have any questions, Please contact Tel: 312.943.0173  


Donors make a vital contribution to Versailles, the largest museum in the world. Their generosity allows for the return of precious objects to the collections and for restorations that are essential to the experience of visiting this UNESCO World-Heritage site today.  
Versailles, for three centuries, has inspired the world on every level in the historic, political and artistic arenas, and has significant ties to America. This relationship commenced with Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. It continued with the extraordinary Rockefeller patronage of Versailles in the 1920s, then with Gerald Van der Kemp and his American wife, Florence, who was the chief curator from 1945 to 1980, and now through the American Friends of Versailles. 
AFV remains dedicated to maintaining the American support and an active interest in this international treasure in order to help preserve its history and beauty for future generations. Notably, more Americans visit the Château and its magnificent gardens than any other foreign nationality.  


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